Our Confirmation team met on Tuesday 23rd  August to further plan for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation on Tuesday 12th July at 1930h with Bishop David.

The following was agreed by the Team for this year’s programme of Preparation.


1 All the information regarding this Sacrament” will be, via the Parish Newsletter and Parish website where sections “News and Sacraments” will carry all necessary information.


2 On Friday 1st October 2021, The enquiry form will be posted on the Sacrament’s Section of the website under the heading Confirmation.

This form must be downloaded, filled in and returned with the accompanying Baptism certificate of the candidate to St Joseph’s Presbytery, white door letterbox, in an envelope marked “Confirmation 2022” with the candidate’s name clearly written on it. (Photocopies of Baptism Certificate suffice)

All returned enquiry forms must be accompanied by a certificate of Baptism of the candidate and be handed in by Sunday 31th October 18:00h as described above.

An email then must be sent to Fr John on the email address office@stjosephandstclare.co.uk that this has been done.

Do not return the enquiry form unless accompanied by the Baptism certificate of the candidate.


3  On Monday 1st November all the enquiry forms are processed by the Confirmation Team.


4 On Monday 8th November all the necessary documents relating to the Sacrament will be posted on the parish website under the heading of Sacraments.

This will entail six documents being posted and then downloaded and returned to the presbytery by Sunday 21th November 18:00h.

They are as follows:

A Registration Document

B Schedule of Preparation.

C Consent form.

D Candidates Prayer.

E Support Document of Parents/Guardian/ Sponsor.

D Data Protection Document.


5 On  Sunday 21th November 18:00h,  the necessary documents  of the above, must be returned to the presbytery at St Joseph’s presbytery  via the letterbox of the presbytery, white door

in an envelope clearly marked Confirmation 2022 with the candidate’s name clearly written on it.

An email then must be sent to  Fr John at the email address office@stjosephandstclare.co.uk explaining that this has been done.


6  On Thursday 13th January 2022 at 19:00h  Registration will take place at St Clare’s Church.

Attendance at this meeting is obligatory for all parents who wish to avail of this programme for their children.

Non-attendance by parents/Guardians at the above meeting will be interpreted as non-participation in the programme.

After Registration Evening no further candidates are admitted to the programme.


The Confirmation Catechetics Team

August 25th 2021.