Celebrating the Sacraments

Please find details below of the sacramental programmes in the parish for First Reconciliation & Holy Communion and Confirmation. As well as details for arranging a Baptism, Wedding or Funeral. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


3 months notice is required

Parents attend a 3 month baptismal programme prior to the baptism

(Please see the attachment below for further details)


First Confession & First Holy Communion 20222022-03-29T20:06:57+01:00

Canon John writes…

First Confession and First Communion Applications for 2022;  Analysis of  Applications “What Needs to be Done Now”

Dear Parents/Guardians

First of all, may I wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas.

Of course, it is always such a special time for the children, they help us retain the wonder and magic of Christmas.

Applications Forms Returned 5th December 2021/Analysis.

1 Many of them were returned complete with all the documents returned. 

Thank you, this was so helpful especially as our catechetics team is minimal due to illness both now and sadly into the coming year.

Your cooperation now is really helpful and necessary.

2 For others there was a partial return; We did not get the following documents in some cases.

1 Baptism certificates – if you are one of the two families who did not return these, please do so ASAP to St Josephs’s presbytery with the Name of the candidate marked First Confession/Communion 2021.

2 Childs Letter to Fr John – if you are one of the twelve families who did not return a Childs letter to Fr John, please do so again ASAP by the above means.

3 Parents Promise Letter to Fr John – if you are one 0f the six families who did not make this return, please return to Fr John ASAP  (see above)

4 Parish Registration; 11 families appear not to have registered with our parish, again this needs to be done via Fr Johns surgery which takes place on Saturday mornings at St Josephs’s church 1000h – 1130h. If you are unclear about the matter of parish registration, then email Fr John at the email address (see below)

7 Payment for Course. Seven families have not returned remittance to cover the cost of course, again can this be done ASAP by cheque payable to St Joseph and St Clare Parish.

8 On the evening of registration on Wednesday 5th January at St Clare’s, we hope to have all the above paperwork in place which will enable us to deal with the programme for the coming year.

Again on the evening, we will have only one catechist present along with Fr John to deal with the business of the meeting and to organize liturgical enrolment for the following weekend.

Should you have any queries regarding the above please do email me at parish@sjlnorthamptondiocese.org

Currently, with the loss of key catechetics staff due to illness, I am doing the administration of the course myself with all the other duties attached to Parish and Christmas.

I will respond to your queries as soon as I can.

With every good wish for a peaceful and safe Christmas.

Canon John P Beirne PP

22nd December 2021


Confirmation at St Clare’s will take place on July 12th 2022 at 1930hrs celebrated by Bishop David Oakley.

22nd  November 2021

The Enquiry form below, you will already have downloaded, filled in and returned to St Joseph’s Church with the Baptismal certificate of the candidate.

Thank you.

Now please download the relevant documents below and return them to St Joseph’s presbytery via the white door of presbytery – post through letterbox.

Please do this as soon as possible, the deadline for returns is Sunday 12th December 18:00h.

Kindly enclose the remittance of £20 to cover the cost of the course by cheque payable to St Joseph and St Clare Parish.

Then email Fr John at office@stjosephandstclare.co.uk that you have done so.

Registration evening is at St Clare’s Church on Thursday 13th January 2022 at 19:00h.

Thank you. 

Fr John



By appointment

6 months notice is required for weddings in the parish,


12 months notice for weddings outside the parish.


In the event of the death of a loved one, please let Fr John know so that the name of the deceased can be included in the bidding prayers at daily Mass.

Once a Funeral Director has been appointed, Fr John will see the family of the deceased to organise and plan the funeral service upon communication from the family.