Each Saturday at St Josephs Church 10:00h – 11:30h when Fr John is available,  there is surgery which responds to the needs of our people.

This is an opportunity to avail of many parish services, some of which are listed below. In these times it has proved invaluable to families and individuals.

Here we thank our stewards for making it possible to hold these meetings in these times.

One of the most important of the opportunities  is the chance to welcome new families/individuals to our parish community.

Here we meet face to face, get to know each other and register with our parish community.

Registration enables our parish support families and individuals in many ways i.e.  Sacraments: Baptism, First Confession, Communion, Confirmation and Matrimony.

In modern parlance it is the equivalent of opening an account with us.

It enables us support applications for schools, become involved, share talents and support our parish community – as well as many of the items listed below.

Registration is the first and necessary step for all who wish to avail of parish services and support parish community.

In order to get this process started, we ask all wishing to be registered to bring along a copy of their Baptism certificate.

What Surgery offers on Saturday mornings.

Adoration and Time of Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  (here we ask all people to practice mindfulness to prayer/silence)





First Confession/Communion/Confirmation/Matrimony.

School Matters

Track and Trace needed with Covid recommendations adhered to/face covering required.

Fr John Beirne PP

12th December 2021