Dear Brothers and Sisters.

Re Scam Emails Soliciting Money and Phishing

Emails  purporting to come from Canon John Beirne PP, 15th February 2024.

both soliciting money and phishing,  appeared in some peoples email accounts today at around 12 noon, 15th February.

First of all this was a complete scam, one  of Canon Johns accounts had been hacked.

At 12:30h on Thursday 15th,  Canon John phones rang non stop, later emails would appear by the score in his email parish account.

All would be responded to by 20:00h that evening, including hours spent with BT and the Northampton Diocese, seeking guidance.

Many of you who received these emails recognized immediately, and who know  Canon John, that  there was something suspicious going on.

You immediately phoned or emailed to alert and ascertain the actual position before committing to  any response – very wise!

BT and the Diocese of Northampton were immediately alerted and their guidance was as follows.

We were assured that the reception of such emails  does not harm our account, but that responding to them is never wise,  before making certain investigations.

Anything that smacks of suspicion  should be deleted straight away without any response as a general rule: there is the ever present danger of viruses.

The above is the advice that many institutions/companies and public bodies give to their clients, exercise caution! Don’t be in a hurry to respond!

Canon John is extremely careful in his use of emails, never soliciting  money in this way, no matter how touching the cause might be.

Please be aware of this, for money usually lies behind this type of fraudulent communication: here we  can learn perhaps a new lesson in our online involvement.

Canon John thanks all who contacted him and indeed offered their assistance in helping him respond to this situation.

In Christ

Canon John P Beirne PP.

15th February 2024