The Parish Catechetics Team met on Wednesday 18th to Plan the Program for 2022 and agreed to the following:

1 The Program commences in January of 2022.

2 First Confession will be celebrated in May of 2022 on the following dates 14th and 21st May, commencing 10:00h.

3 First Communion will be celebrated on the following Sundays in June of 2022, 5th, 12th, and 19th at 15:00h at St Clare’s.

4 Registration for both of the above Sacraments will take place on Wednesday 5th January at 20:00h at St Clare’s Church.

( Failure to attend Registration Evening, when all information and directives are given, will mean non-admittance to the program for 2022)

5 Documentation to access the course will appear in the “Sacraments Section” of the Website in Mid November 2021

6 All Documents must be returned to the presbytery via the presbytery letterbox of St Josephs by Sunday 5th December 18:00h 2021

7 An email must be sent to the parish email address confirming the above has been done.

8 All families wishing to join the program must be registered with our parish. This can be done via Fr John’s surgery on Saturday mornings from 10:00h – 11:30h.

8 Children must have reached the age of seven years when joining the program and normally be in year 3 of their education.

9 Baptism Certificates must accompany all applications for the above Sacraments.

10 Most of the preparation will be done online via the streaming link


The Catechetica Team.

20th August 2021