The catechetical team ministering in this Sacrament on behalf of the parish of  St Josephs and St Clare’s met on Wednesday July 27th to plan for the coming years programme 2022/23.

Please note the following if you are planning to apply for your child to join this programme.

1 Your family needs to be registered with the parish of St Joseph and St Clare if this has not been done already. The candidate for Confirmation must have a Baptism certificate and send it to Fr John when directed.

2 If you are not already registered, this can be done by attending Fr John’s surgery on a Saturday morning at St Josephs church 10:00h – 11:30h and doing so.

3 On Tuesday 1st November 2022, all the documents pertaining to this Sacrament will be posted on the parish website “Sacraments”  Confirmation.

4 These documents must be filled in and  returned to St Josephs presbytery by Sunday 27th November by 18:00h in hard copy. (White door)

5 All documents must be returned in an envelope in hard copy, with the title “Confirmation ” plus  the name of the candidate printed clearly and a list of the documents enclosed written  on envelope.  Please print clearly. Please give careful attention to this and note we do not accept any returns on line. On Confirmation Day,  all documents submitted will be returned to you in hard copy.

6 Registration will take place on Thursday  12th January 2023  at St Clare’s at 19:00h. Attendance at this meeting is obligatory and no one is accepted on the programme after this meeting who has not registered. Should you fail to attend, you will then have to wait to  2023/2024 for your child to join such a programme.

7  The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated on Tuesday 18th July 2023 at St Clare’s at 19:00h.

8 Perhaps now is the time to ensure that you are registered with our parish and also that you have a copy of your child’s Baptism certificate. If you had your child baptised in the parish of St Joseph and St Clare you will have been given a Baptism certificate at Baptism.

Should you have any questions/observations  kindly email,

In Christ.

Canon John P Beirne PP

29th July 2022.