Deanery Clergy Report from Meeting of 17th September 2019

The meeting was preceded with Neil Roseman (Nymo) taking photos of clergy for the purposes of acquiring a Celebret credit card style authentication. This will be done by the vicar general who has the technology to provide such like – one year duration – provided that clergy have attended recommended courses or online safeguarding programmes.
1 The clergy of the deanery of St John Fisher convened at St Joseph’s presbytery at 11:30h. with the following present;
Frs Beirne, JB, Iroh JI, Wisniewski LW, Fleming JF, Neil Roseman Diocese and Jim Cargin Ministry Pillar
1 The Meeting opened with the Deanery Prayer let by JB.
2 Apologies
Deacons Sillitoe and Duffy sent apologies for absences from meeting.
Various Matters relating to Communications were addressed. JB made the following points:
A An updated Deanery Noticeboard, with up to date information, is now being prepared by the parish of St Joseph and St Clare. The clergy were invited to put in their orders should they wish. Two orders were placed.
B The parishes served by Fr Leszek and Fr Joseph were invited to be represented in the directory (already in use for Aylesbury churches) when it comes to be reviewed in Advent 2019. LW expressed an interest in this. (This directory lists all the groups serving currently in the Aylesbury area)
C The clergy were invited to participate in the round robin sharing of weekly relevant information and in the facility of the Deanery diary. The latter is a very valuable asset for planning. Again, interest was expressed in this. JB would email all with the relevant information to get started.
D The Diocesan Directory needs the careful attention of the clergy in ensuring that correct and up to date information is only published. Clergy were asked to ensure this was done in this month of September.
E Again all parishes were asked to contribute suitably skilled people to help with the Communications pillar serving our deanery. Can clergy keep an eye open for such like and let JB know please.
F JB enquired of all the clergy as to the condition of their websites. Some felt theirs needed rebuilding. Keeping them updated and relevant is a continuous challenge but ultimately very worthwhile for it is the language that our young people understand via their smart phones.
G JB now receives most of his requests for help via the website especially from young people.
3 The Report/June 2019
This was accepted as accurate.
4 The Day of Reflection October 12th, 2019
JB outlined what had happened by way of preparation for the Day of Reflection for October 12th.
The Steering group composed of Geraldine White and Evan Hatch had emailed all the clergy with directives for what needed to be done by way of preparation.
Each parish was allocated 10 places of which there are seven in the deanery.
Each attendee would need to fill out a form covering individual needs/allergies.
All clergy present acknowledged reception of this communication. All were at at varying stages by way of response.
JB had the list of ten names for Geraldine and was in the process of making available the form for individual needs.
A full list of attendees will have to be forwarded to Geraldine White from all the priests with accompanying forms for individual needs. The latter covers safeguarding issues pertinent to food.
The matter of funding such occasions was raised. JB said he would pay the full bill up front and then request each parish to pay its share.
5 The Diocesan Catechetical Gathering 2020
Again, all parishes had received communication from Alex Heath regarding the programme for the Diocesan Gathering in 2020.
Each Parish should already have had a summer plenary gathering of all their catechists to review their situation and elect 2 delegates to the Deanery Pastoral Area Gathering at Princes Risborough parish.
This is scheduled for Saturday 9th November at St Teresa’s church/parish hall, Princes Risborough 10:00h – 13:00h.
6 Forthcoming Local Events
Our Lady of Lourdes celebrates its Golden jubilee on Sunday 13th October 2019
Guardian Angels is running a programme aimed at awakening lapsed Catholics commencing Thursday 19th September for 4 weeks
The Blessing of the Graves will take place on Remembrance Sunday in November with JB in attendance at Tring Rd, cemetery.
7 Diocesan Events.
The Retreat at Douai in October 21th – 26th will be attended by JB.
The Advent Reflection at Hothorpe Hall in early December likewise will be attended by JB, JF and JI.
JB mentioned the following:
The increasing pressures on clergy today with so many things being in their remit.
The core of our ministry can sadly get relegated to the back burner with the grind of administrative work ever increasing unless there is careful balance kept.
The care of the sick and vulnerable in our midst needs to be maintained – where our energies need be devoted -with suitable time for the preparation of courses, liturgies, homilies, catechesis and spirituality maintained. This should not be lost sight of amid all the other matters.
The need for clergy to be given on-going help in the ever-changing landscape of IT seems so necessary and yet so rarely mentioned in diocesan planning and service. Neil Roseman was asked to kindly share this with the relevant diocesan bodies with a view to a suitable response.
9 Ministry Jim Cargin
Jim outlined what the Ministry Pillar had been doing over the years.
A Conversation ensued with each priest outlining what he was seeking to do in this area.
B JF is blessed with dedicated Lay ministers assisting him with visits to care homes.
C Likewise JI is assisted by two very active ministers via the hospital and care homes.
D JB has a huge area to cover and can only respond through teams and individual ministers visiting the care and private homes. Ongoing communication with these ministers is vital if good care is to be given. This could be facilitated by the Ministry Pillar.
Again, he is reliant on the email facility, landline phone family and friends of sick to keep him informed of need.
The seriously ill have a special place with a monthly home visit for the Sacrament of the Sick.
There seems to be an increasing need for Eucharistic Ministers to include in their ministry the needs of those who cannot get to church.
JB thanked, on behalf of the deanery, Jim Cargin for the methodical approach that was being applies to the care of our sick and housebound. The contacts with Care homes is invaluable with posters being displayed bearing the names of clergy available to visit and pertinent information displayed.
This conversation continued over the lunch that was served in the dining room.
Fr John White joined the meeting for lunch and the usual stimulating conversation ensued with an enjoyable exchange of valuable ideas- all assisted by a glass of red wine.
A topic that received attention was the need of singles in our town and what perhaps could be done. It was remarked that a successful response had been made to the Poor/Homeless which could perhaps be followed up in a similar vein here. Further consideration will be given here
JB asked all the clergy and witness to give a mark to this deanery event from 0 to 10
The score was 7 8 8 8 9
Area where we all could improve “our ability to hear each other without interrupting “
Finally, not only a very enjoyable get together, but also a valuable sharing occasion keeping us in touch with each other and our ministry.