Dear Parents

It was great to see so many of you supporting your children last weekend 22nd and 23rd in the three Masses.

by taking them to church and supporting them in taking their Books”I Belong” and having them viewed.

We look forward to seeing you on the weekend coming and meeting you all again

Fr John loves to meet the children and the families as they leave the church.

Fr John

Wednesday  26th January 

22:00 h 

Re Steaming Sessions

We hope you manage to log on and avail of the presentation.

It is vital that you do for we only have five such presentations to cover a wide course.

We are very grateful for your feedback which helps us deliver in accordance with your needs.

So please do get back to us letting us know how you are getting on. 

One of the team will always get back to you.     

We look forward to seeing you at Mass over the coming weekend 22nd/23rd.

In all the masses our children preparing for First Confession and Communion will be given a chance to stand up and show their books to the congregation.

So do make every effort to take the children to Mass as it is our only hope of seeing them and welcoming them.

And Remember our Book is our Badge, we recognize you as A First Communion Family by Carrying the Book.

We also include all the families in our prayers of intercession weekly.

Fr John

20th Jan 2022



The Team, Fr John Felicity and Denise look forward to seeing you online shortly for the presentations to help your children prepare for the  above Sacraments

The presentations will cover the following;

1 The Spiritual                   Fr John

2 Teaching                          Felicity

3 Practical Matters.          Denise

The first presentation was streamed on Wednesday 19th January 2022 at 20:00h. This is available for a week until 26th January.

The streaming link is as follows;

All parents are asked to avail of this presentation as it is vital if we are to help prepare the children.

There is no other way.

All families must now be in possession of the two books, one for the child and one for the parents.

If for some reason you are not in possession of these books you must email Fr John at the parish email address right away.

Also if you need any help, do email in and we will get back to you as soon as possible, so keep in touch and above all visit the parish website NEWS

We look forward to you sharing with us by email how you found the presentations   – the team perform even better with encouragement.

In Christ

Fr John

Friday 21th January 2022


Ways to Communicate with our Parish

Parish Website Address 

Parish Email Address .

(All communication from the parish will now be via this address

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Parish Office Telephone Number

01296 48 36 29

Office hours 0900h – 1300h Tuesdays – Fridays.

Communication by Parish Landline.

The parish administrator, during the above office hours

Will be available to take calls and pass on messages to

Fr John who will then get back to you. 

Fr John’s Surgery/Saturday at St Joseph Church High St.

Should you wish to see Fr John in Person, you can come to the surgery on Saturday Mornings at St Joseph Church 1000h – 1130h.

Parish Newsletter

This is posted on the website weekly as Newsletters  and contains a lot of information on parish life

Canon John P Beirne PP  January 15th 2022.