Dear Parents.


Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the 9.30 enrolment Mass at St Clare’s yesterday. We felt this was a beautiful occasion and a fitting way to welcome you and your children as you begin to prepare your children for the Sacraments. 


Unfortunately, we made an error yesterday, for which we apologize.  At the end of Mass when we were handing out the children’s “I Belong” books, we should have given you copy of the parent’s guide.  Sadly, only a few of you received these.  We now need to put that right.


Next Saturday morning 15th, we will make sure that there is a Catechist available at St Joseph’s during the time of Father John’s surgery.  Whilst we appreciate this may be an inconvenience for you, we would ask please that you attend St Joseph’s between 10.30h and 11.30h to collect your parent’s guide.  This will also be an opportunity for the 14 families who were unable to attend Mass yesterday to collect the children’s book, so please do help us by attending St Joseph’s on Saturday. You will need these in readiness for the first online parents meeting on 19th January.


A Catechist will also phone you over the next few days to make sure that you have received this message.

Canon John and Team.

10th January 2022


Re-Registration Evening January 5th 2022

It was good to see you last night and we enjoyed meeting and sharing with you.

We hope all who joined us online also gained from being with us and got an understanding of what needs to be done now.

We did learn that in order to make this course work, communication channels are crucially important.

Below is listed the various means available to us. Please ensure you are completely familiar with these.

Our next immediate step will be to meet you all again on Sunday morning 9th JanuaryIt at 0930h for the Mass of enrolment at St Clare’s Church.

For this, we need the candidates and parents/guardians to be present.

In this Mass, Fr John will enroll the candidates for First Confession and Communion after the homily in the Mass.

This will be done by asking all the candidates to stand and make their promises.

Then Fr John will ask the parents/guardians to stand and make their promises on behalf of their children.

At the end of the Mass, the books are given out when each family is called to come and collect.

Should you not have paid for the books already,  (7 families are still outstanding) please have a cheque ready payable to St Joseph & St Clare Parish.

Should you not have a checkbook, then please have the £30 per child in an envelope with the name of the candidate on the envelope. If you have 2 children the cost is £25 per child.

Partial Returns 

As some families did not make a complete return of documents, an email will be sent to them on Saturday coming, 8th  January by mid-day requesting them to download, fill in, and return those missing, when you return for the  Mass of enrolment on Sunday 9th at 09:30h.

Please ensure you hand them to the team when you receive your books at the end of Mass. Hopefully, then all the paperwork will be complete for each family.

(12 families did not return the Parents Promise and 6 candidates likewise)

Here we note the importance of cooperating with directives from the team as failure to do so leaves added work for a team that is running on slender staffing currently.

Your cooperation here is both appreciated and necessary.

Should you need further help please do get back to me by email on email address. parish.

With every good wish

In Christ.

Canon John and Team

6th January 2022



Information on Communication for 1st Communion Program


Parish Website Address

All communication concerning the Sacramental Programme will be only via the above website.

Information will be displayed in “News” and also in “Sacraments” It is vital that you check in here.


Parish Email Address .

(All communication from the parish will now be via this address

   And all communication should be addressed only to this address)



Streaming Link

All catechesis will be via this link.  


Parish Office Telephone Number

01296 48 36 29

Office hours 0900h – 1300h Tuesdays – Fridays.


Communication by Parish Landline.

The parish administrator, during the above office hours

Will be available to take calls and pass on messages to

Fr John who will then get back to you.


Fr John’s Surgery/Saturday at St Joseph Church High St.

Should you wish to see Fr John in Person, you can come to the surgery on Saturday Mornings at St Joseph Church 1000h – 1130h.


Fr John January 6th, 2022