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Parish Email Account Hacked 15th February.


Dear Brothers and Sisters.

Re Scam Emails Soliciting Money and Phishing

Emails  purporting to come from Canon John Beirne PP, 15th February 2024.

both soliciting money and phishing,  appeared in some peoples email accounts today at around 12 noon, 15th February.

First of all this was a complete scam, one  of Canon Johns accounts had been hacked.

At 12:30h on Thursday 15th,  Canon John phones rang non stop, later emails would appear by the score in his email parish account.

All would be responded to by 20:00h that evening, including hours spent with BT and the Northampton Diocese, seeking guidance.

Many of you who received these emails recognized immediately, and who know  Canon John, that  there was something suspicious going on.

You immediately phoned or emailed to alert and ascertain the actual position before committing to  any response – very wise!

BT and the Diocese of Northampton were immediately alerted and their guidance was as follows.

We were assured that the reception of such emails  does not harm our account, but that responding to them is never wise,  before making certain investigations.

Anything that smacks of suspicion  should be deleted straight away without any response as a general rule: there is the ever present danger of viruses.

The above is the advice that many institutions/companies and public bodies give to their clients, exercise caution! Don’t be in a hurry to respond!

Canon John is extremely careful in his use of emails, never soliciting  money in this way, no matter how touching the cause might be.

Please be aware of this, for money usually lies behind this type of fraudulent communication: here we  can learn perhaps a new lesson in our online involvement.

Canon John thanks all who contacted him and indeed offered their assistance in helping him respond to this situation.

In Christ

Canon John P Beirne PP.

15th February 2024



Parish Email Account Hacked 15th February.2024-02-15T21:09:33+00:00

Being a Pilgrim of Hope/The Listening Process/ A Way Forward. February 1st 2024


Thursday 1st February 2024

On Saturday 27th January,  thirty people from the deanery of St John Fisher met to share on the future of our deanery in the Gift at St Clare.

It was a chance for all assembled there to share together in a spirit of brotherhood/ sisterhood  on their hopes and fears for the future.

The conversation was very diverse with many different perceptions shared.

Below we can get a flavour of what came back from the three buzz groups.

Variety was certainly on the menu.

Notes from the Reflection Groups

  1. Invitation: how do we invite people?  How to help people feel comfortable in our communities – especially families, young people and 15-19s
  2. Preserve what’s good and build on it
  3. Collaboration and Sharing: we should do more to share expertise, resources, and best practices.
    1. What can we do collaboratively – eg retreats, youth Mass etc?  Important to develop a spirit of togetherness.
    2. What structures do we need to make this happen?
  4. Formation:
    1. Encourage a sense of holiness/wholesomeness
    2. How can young people relate faith to their lives?  Are we preparing future leaders?
  5. Communication:
    1. Acknowledge and affirm the good that is happening
    2. Response to opportunities and matters arising
    3. Widen participation
  6. Become more outward-looking: teach ways of sharing faith
  7. Belonging: improve our community life and sense of belonging, particularly through listening

The Group spent some time thinking about a next step to take the listening beyond this group:

  1. Communication –
    1. having a digital presence/WhatsApp
    2. Need to communicate today’s meeting well
    3. Something in newsletters/websites
    4. How do we reach people who might feel threatened or worried (eg irregular Mass-goers)
    5. Recognise that communication can divide – we need a range of approaches to reach everyone
  2. Parish listening groups
  3. Find out what’s working – do we have data?  What experiences/resources etc are best practice?
  4. Involve existing groups and communities, eg
    1. Forum/activities at St Michael’s School
    2. Parents’ prayer group at St Edward’s School
    3. Legion of Mary visiting the new housing estates
    4. Raise profile of Catholic schools locally
    5. How do we share expertise between parishes?
  5. Ideas for new activities include
    1. Listening to young families about what would help them
    2. Young people visiting care homes
    3. Deanery youth awards
    4. Canon John P Beirne
    5. 1st February 2024
Being a Pilgrim of Hope/The Listening Process/ A Way Forward. February 1st 20242024-02-02T15:26:07+00:00

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Diocesan Guidelines September 2023



If you are concerned about the welfare of a child or adult at risk, do not delay in contacting the police, using 999 if a child or adult is believed to be in immediate danger.

It is the policy of the Catholic Church in England and Wales to report all allegations of abuse to statutory authorities, regardless of whether the abuse occurred recently or in the past, or whether the accused person is living or deceased.

If you are in any role within the Catholic Church in England and Wales, you must refer allegations directly to the safeguarding office for your diocese or religious congregation, or directly to the Police.



Parish Priest: Fr John Beirne


Parish Safeguarding Representative : Grace McBrien




Safeguarding Coordinator: Danielle Dixon
01604 723514
07833 050628

Safeguarding Support Officer: Laura Lester
01604 723516
07859 499294

Clergy Advisor for Safeguarding: Father Andrew Behrens
01604 713015


Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Diocesan Guidelines September 20232023-09-22T19:49:08+01:00

First Confession and First Communion 2024


Dear Parents/Guardians.


We warmly welcome our candidates, parents and guardians to this programme which commences on Wednesday October 11th and finishes in June 2024.

First Confession will be celebrated in the month of May 2024 in St Clare Church on Saturdays.

First Communion will take place on Sundays in June 2024

Once we know the number of candidates applying for these Sacraments, we will be able to give more precise details.

Registration will take on Wednesday 11th October at St Clare Church at 20:00h.

Attendance at this is necessary and no one is admitted to the programme who has not returned the paperwork by Sunday 1st October 1800h.

Paperwork: Like last year, all the paperwork relating to the above Sacraments is now posted on the parish website in Sacraments.

 The relevant documents must be downloaded and returned completed to the presbytery for Sunday 1st October 18:00h via the letterbox of St Joseph presbytery.

The envelope should be clearly marked First Confession & Communion 2024 with the candidate’s name clearly Printed and a mob telephone number.

This enables our admin team deal efficiently with your correspondences and acknowledge it.

We look forward to seeing you on Registration evening on Wednesday  11th October for 20:00h. and again for the liturgical Enrolment on Sunday 15th  October at St Clare’s at 0930h. for Mass. Here you will receive your book “I Belong”

Below is a list of the questions you raise from time to time which we hope is helpful.

The streaming link for the Online program for the streaming service is:

How long is the time duration for the video streaming?
Approximately, 50 minutes.

Parish. Website address
Showing all communication concerning the Sacramental programme.
Information will be displayed in “News” and also in “Sacraments “

Parish Telephone number: 01296 48 36 29

Office hours are 0900-13:00h on Tuesdays, Wednesdays  and Fridays 0900h -14:00h

Parish email:

Canon John and Denise are available on Saturday at St Joseph’s church surgery, between 10:00h – 11:30h

Felicity email:

Felicity’s mobile: 07979 350468

Denise’s mobile: 07554 435772

Please do not hesitate to call any of the above if you need some help.

In Christ

Canon John P Beirne. PP

21st September 2023

First Confession and First Communion 20242024-01-16T14:49:28+00:00

Confirmation 2024


Thursday 1st February 2024


First, Canon John and Catechists warmly welcome our candidates and their families to our  Confirmation Programme 2024.

This evening , Thursday 1st February, we commence with registration of all the candidates who have sent in their paperwork/deadline December 17th 2023.

This starts at 19000h with an introduction by Canon John followed by the catechists who will tell us about  the Sacramental preparation.

Next week Thursday 8th, Session one will take place at 1900h and finish for 20:00h.

It is important that we follow closely the guidelines provided by the catechists,  with  the Health and Safety of each candidate paramount.

The celebration of Confirmation Bishop David Oakley is always a highlight of our year in the lovely surroundings of St Clare Church and grounds. It is always a very memorable occasion.

Please note the following if you are planning to apply for your child to join this Programme.

1 Your family needs to be registered with the parish of St Joseph and St Clare if this has not been done already. The candidate for Confirmation must have a Baptism certificate and sent to Fr John with all the returned documents. No one can be confirmed without a Baptism certificate.

2 If you are not already registered, this can be done by attending Fr John’s surgery on a Saturday morning at St Josephs church 10:00h – 11:30h and doing so.

3 All the documents pertaining to this Sacrament are now posted on the parish website “Sacraments” Confirmation. All  relevant documents must be returned in an envelope in hard copy, with the title “Confirmation 2024 ”  The candidate’s name should be printed clearly on the envelope with a list of the documents returned. A contactable mob phone number should also be written on the envelope.  Please print clearly.  This enables us acknowledge all correspondence quickly. Do note we do not accept any returns online. On Confirmation Day, all documents submitted will be returned to you.  Please note that no one is accepted on the programme after Sunday 17th December 18:00h. Should you fail to meet this deadline,  you can reapply for the 2025 programme.

4 These documents, when completed, should be  returned to St Joseph’s presbytery by Sunday 17th December by 18:00h via letterbox. (White door) No one is admitted to the programme who has not returned their documents by the given date of return December 17th 2023.


5 Kindly make a remittance to St Joseph and St Clare Parish for £20 00 per candidate by cash or cheque and enclose in the envelope Marked “Confirmation 2024”. This money covers the cost of Heating/Lighting/Communication/Paper and Flowers, organists fees for the ceremony on July 15th, 2024, plus gift to Bishop.

7 Registration will take place on Thursday 1st February 2024 at St Clare’s at 19:00h. Attendance at this meeting is obligatory 

8 The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated on Monday 15th July 2024 at St Clare’s at 19:00h. A full rehearsal will take place on Sunday 14th July at 1500h at St Clare Church.

9 Perhaps now is the time to ensure that you are registered with our parish and also that you have a copy of your child’s Baptism certificate. If you had your child baptised in the parish of St Joseph and St Clare, you will have been given a Baptism certificate at Baptism.

Should you have any questions/observations kindly email,

In Christ.

Canon John P Beirne PP 1st February 2024



Confirmation 20242024-02-01T17:03:51+00:00

Registering with our Parish September 2023


Registration/ Getting Started

1 In order to register with our Parish, this can be done by attending Fr John’s surgery on a Saturday morning at St Joseph’s church from 10:00h – 11:30h.

Registration enables access to all Parish services as listed below.

1 Baptism Enrolment/Preparation.

 (If new to the parish bring along a copy of your Baptism Certificate)

2 Support for entry to Catholic Schools.

3 Marriage Enrolment & Preparation.

6 Guidance on all Sacramental Programmes.

7 References/Guidance

8 Registration is now a requirement for getting started on all the above services.

6 Advise Fr John of Visit to surgery by emailing him in advance at

Registering with our Parish September 20232023-09-22T20:00:09+01:00

Character References/Job Applications


Character References/Job Applications

While Fr John seeks to help by way of character reference there is a clear process which must be followed always.

An appointment must be made with him, which can be done through the Saturday morning surgery alerting him to your wishes and situation. Registration with our parish must be done prior to any reference application. Without adhering to this process, Fr John is unable to help here.

References are very important to both job seeker and employer so kindly follow the guidelines for best results.

Character References/Job Applications2022-06-07T12:32:50+01:00

Legal Matters/Passport Signing


Legal Matters/Passport Signing

All such matters require a separate appointment with Fr John. Appointments with him can be set up via the surgery on Saturday mornings. Here he can become informed of the needs and situation of the individual. No longer can we deal with legal documents unannounced, advance preparation is required with parish registration already in place. Again, for the best results kindly follow the guidelines.

Legal Matters/Passport Signing2022-06-07T12:31:12+01:00

The Sacrament of Matrimony / Getting Started September 2023


The Sacrament of Matrimony / Getting Started September 2023


1 Visit Saturday Morning surgery  at St Joseph’s Church 10:00h – 11:30h where a warm welcome awaits you from Fr John and stewards.

 2 Make sure you are registered with the Parish, if new to parish, bring along a copy of your Baptism certificate to commence registration.

3 Give Six months’ notice of pending Marriage when marriage is scheduled to take place within parish

4 If marrying abroad or outside the parish 12-month notice  must be given.

5 Preparation for Sacramental marriage involves face to face meeting with Fr John and also on-line preparation

6 Advise Fr John of Visit to Surgery by emailing him on                            

The Sacrament of Matrimony / Getting Started September 20232023-09-22T19:50:47+01:00

The Sacrament of Baptism September 2023/Getting Started


The Sacrament of Baptism/ Getting Started September 2023


1 Visit Saturday Morning surgery St Joseph’s Church 10:00h – 11:30h where a warm welcome awaits you from Fr John and stewards.

2 Make sure you are registered with the Parish, if new to parish, bring along a copy of  your Baptism certificate to commence registration.

3 Give 3 month notice to parish of pending Baptism

4 Check that prospective Godparents have been baptised/ confirmed and  are committed.

5 Baptism Preparation is online on the First Saturday of each Month at 14:00h with Fr John on

6 Advise Fr John of Visit to surgery by emailing him                             

The Sacrament of Baptism September 2023/Getting Started2023-09-22T19:52:00+01:00
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