Welcome to our parish

St Joseph’s Church the town centre church is the mother church of the Aylesbury Deanery.

If you have recently moved into the town, are visiting the area, are already a parishioner or simply browsing the web, we hope you find the information you are looking for here.

If you require any further help don’t hesitate to contact us or call the parish office on 01296 483629.

The building of the 250 capacity St Joseph’s Church commenced in 1936: the architects being Pullan & Ronchetti of Harrogate, and the builders were Aylesbury’s own Webster & Cannon. The church was officially opened on 14th January 1937 when the Bishop laid the foundation stone.

St Clare’s Church is administered from St Joseph’s. The original St Clare’s Church, a Nissan hut structure, was built in 1964 to accommodate an influx of people to the area who were relocating from London. It was demolished in 2004 and replaced by the beautiful church we have today. As well as providing masses on Sundays and Holy days, St Clare’s serves as a venue for a number of parish group activities during the weekdays.

These days many parishioners worship in both churches as busy lifestyles mean that on Sundays, the Mass time can be the overriding factor as to which church they attend. Fr John encourages parishioners to feel that they belong to the one parish irrespective of where they worship.

If you are a visitor to our church or a newcomer, then please say hello to Fr John as you leave Mass – he would welcome the opportunity to speak to you.