June 7th 2021

Weekend Masses: We presently await the statement of our government on June 14th 2021.  This statement may direct us in two different ways in accordance with the spread of the Virus.

1 A continuation of the lockdown for the foreseeable future in accord with the movement of the virus. This will mean for us that the present arrangement for Weekend Masses will continue with an 18:00h Mass on Saturday evenings at St Clare’s and a Sunday morning Mass at St Clare’s at 0930h. Weekday Masses will continue on Tuesdays (with congregations) at St Clare’s at 10:00h and likewise at St Joseph’s (with congregations) on Fridays at 10:00h. 

2 The removal of the lockdown on Monday 21st June 2021 will then trigger a restoration of the programme of Mass provision prior to the March 2020 lockdown for our parish.  St Joseph’s Church will then reopen for the 18:00h Mass on Saturday 26th June, followed by the 09:30h Mass there on Sunday 27th.

Mass at St Clare’s will return to the usual time of 11:30 pre-March 2020 times.

Canon John P Beirne PP

June 7th 2021