Last Wednesday evening of 13th March,  our First Communion families gathered at St Clare’s to prepare as family for the great occasion of First Communion.

As we are in the season of Lent, we looked at how we are using this precious time.

Felicity shared on how as family they are using it.

Her children are being introduced to what it is all about.

As a family they are sharing the journey with success and setbacks.

Fr John then came on and examined the Lenten Prayer that each member of the parish is asked to pray daily and reflect on.

He suggested that this is a time of discovery, an opportunity to get to know oneself, and to become the person I really want to be.

He then share with them the story of the Spanish teacher…. learn to relax and really listen, it all happens from there! Soon you will speak Spanish!

Then the families shared on what they themselves were doing on this Lenten journey 2019 which involved some of the following;

“My relationship with food, chocolate, my temper tantrums, my negative feelings, sharing my time equally with the children, taking offence so quickly, responding to a new job, coping with anger.

All agreed that Lent is a wonderful opportunity to embrace what is necessary and to discard what impedes in being the person God my Father means  me to be.”

A wonderful worthwhile evening. Well Done!