AVRIL writes on behalf of the Diocese of Northampton   (Avril works in adult formation)

Re-launching Lent 2021.

Prayer is so important because it is food and drink to our spiritual lives.

In these six sessions, we will explore the nature and purpose of prayer and how it fits into everyday life.  We will be reflecting on our own way of praying and how it may have changed over time, before considering together how our parishes and pastoral areas can help support us in growing as people of prayer. For each weekly topic, there are different resources to read, watch and think about on the website.  You can explore these at any time that suits you through the week.  There is a printable journal that you can use to track your progress.

The course can be undertaken by individuals, but like any learning, can benefit from being part of a group to exchange ideas, thoughts, and experiences.  The sessions will work well as a parish Lent group over zoom, or you can join the diocesan group by clicking here: https://pathways-of-prayer.eventbrite.co.uk.

You can pre-register for the course now, and the content will be released as we approach Ash Wednesday.  Please note that you will receive a confirmation email from us – which may end up in your spam!  Feel free to explore and find out a bit more about the course and download your journal.  We will email you when the course opens.

I want to join the diocesan group.

Register on this website to get access to the course materials, and click here to register for diocesan group which will run from 7.30pm on a Monday night starting 22nd February.

I’m happy to be self-guided.

Register below to get access to the site content and make your way through the course at your own pace.


I want do the course

I want to lead a group.

If you would like to run Pathways of Prayer in your parish, there’s plenty of help.  We have full session-by-session notes, and advertising material to help you recruit participants.

Pathways of Prayer opened a whole new horizon to me. It gave me access to Spiritual Leaders I did not know existed and encouraged me to make a little more fruitful use of my computer. It gave me insight and encouragement and also increased confidence in expressing my faith.