Children Making First Confession on Saturday 9th January 2021

Dear Parents, Please click on the Link below to see the names of  children making First Confession on the 9th January 2021

This takes place at St Clare’s Church at 0900h on January 2021

Should you have any further queries’ contact Viv Dodd or Carolina Boston.

Fr John Beirne

6th November 2020










Remembering our Dead in November 2020

ENVELOPES FOR THE NOVEMBER DEAD LIST are now available from the back of the church. This year, for many it will be a case of composing your own list and dropping your envelope through the letterbox at St Joseph’s presbytery with the writer’s name written on the envelope and marked “Holy Souls”. If you come to Mass, you can use the collection plate. In the coming year, a Mass will be offered up for each compiled list under the name of the person compiling the list. So please do not forget to write your name on the envelope. 

The activities of our local SVP Conference in Aylesbury.

Marie Woods writes:

Awareness month 2020 for society of St. Vincent de Paul

While we have had to stop our befriending visits, our SVP members have been writing to or phoning many housebound parishioners, who live alone and are not able to visit family and friends. In the fine weather, we enjoyed a chat with one or two in their gardens and left them a newsletter. Fortunately, most have wonderful neighbours to do their shopping.

We have also phoned care homes and sent cards to those residents we used to see every week.

A family of travellers asked us for help while they waited to move on to a permanent site. We showed them where the launderette was, bought them gas bottles and gave them a Tesco voucher so that clothes could be bought for the children.

We continue to sponsor 2 SVP Conferences in India: St. Thomas Conference in Madhapuram and Thuckalay Central Conference. Sister Manju and Brother Iyathurai are very thankful for our support. It enables them to give food and medicine to the old, the sick and widows as well as helping a few students to continue their higher education.

The SVP, particularly during the pandemic, is also focused on raising money for the SVP’s Covid Recovery fund to help pay for the crucial work now and in the future. The website www.svp.org.uk/rise suggests all sorts of imaginative ways to raise much needed money for those in need. If anyone wishes to donate directly to the SVP society, you can do so through the above website, or you can send a cheque to our SVP group at St. Joseph’s, payable to  “The St Joseph SVP Conference” and send to St Joseph SVP, St. Joseph’s church, 56 High Street, Aylesbury HP20 1SE.

Thank you very much for all your prayers and generosity

Marie Woods

SVP President

St Joseph and St. Clare Conference

October 1st 2020


Parish Upkeep, Ways of Giving Online and General


First of all we are really grateful to all of you who already are giving in various ways to

enable our church continue and pay its way.

Like all homes the bills continually come in even when we can’t work.

The Church is very similar.

Fr John hopes to work with everyone to enable us play our part and get us through this time without going into deficit.


For more guidance click above on website address


Holy Week Message from Pope Francis 2020


Pope Francis in his Holy week address reminds all of us of the following.

The struggles that people are going through currently.

Families, Prisoners, The Poor and Homeless.

Those who are putting themselves at risk to serve and care for others.

He encourages all of us to be generous in our Neighbourhoods.


Bishop David ” A Holy Week Address” given  at the Cathedral in a service of Reconciliation.



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