Giving by Telephone on Tuesdays 10:00h -16:00h

In response to requests from parishioners, our diocese has installed a facility whereby one can donate by telephone instead of via our online donation facilities. Therefore, in addition to the online donation facilities currently available, we are proposing to begin a ‘Giving Tuesday’ commenced on Tuesday the 5th of May 2020. Each Tuesday between 10:00h and 16:00h, people will be able to call this number, 01604 712065, and donate to your parish. All they will require is their debit or credit card to hand when they call.  They can make a one-off donation to cover their missed Sunday offerings or call each week knowing their offering is going to the parish they wish. 

Parish Zoom Meeting Wednesday 13th May at 19:00h

Zoom Meeting for Parish: On Wednesday evening 13th May, we hope to run our first Zoom parish meeting. This meeting will last for 40 minutes and fifteen people will be able to take part, share a screen with the others and give their contribution. This will enable each participant to speak for under 3 minutes. To take part, here are the steps and the first fifteen to email Fr John will then receive an invitation to take part. So here is what to do:

1 Send an email to Fr John telling him you would like to participate.

2 You will then receive your invitation by email from Fr John, if you were among the first fifteen inviting you 13th to join the meeting on Wednesday 13th May at 19:00h.

If you were not among the first fifteen to apply, you will be invited to join a meeting on a subsequent Wednesday evening at 19:00h.  We look forward to seeing you there virtually.

Please check our latest newsletter for mass intentions and details of other services and events this week