Childrens Liturgy Week 28 October 2019

The Gift October 11th 2019

On Tuesday 8th October,  the architect Mark Thompson visited the site and viewed the Gift and its surroundings.

Certain small items he saw as  in need of addressing.

The relevant people are being contacted.

Overall he was pleased with the progress achieved.

On Thursday 11th the electrician finished his work.

We now await the Electrical Certificate which will be forthcoming in  the coming weeks.

This certificate is granted by Building Control.

Once in our hands, I will be asking the Diocese to conduct a Health and Safety Report and grant a certificate.

When that has been achieved we have finally arrived after a long journey that commenced over two years ago.

Meeting of Parents for First Reconciliation October 2nd 2019

Our second meeting for parents preparing for First Reconciliation took place on Wednesday 2nd October.

There was a good turn out of parents.

The speakers included Viv Dodds, Felicity Sparshott and Fr John.

Viv dealth with many of the practicalities, Felicity with what it means to be family drawing on her own family experience.

Fr John dealth with two themes listed below;

1 Belonging

2 What does it mean to say ‘Sorry’

In regard to the theme of belonging, he dealth with areas of life where I feel I belong.

Also that this is ongoing and indeed developing in our lives. He invited the parents to break into groups to discuss this.

The second question really took root with the gathering especially against the background of the manner in which this word ‘Sorry’ is used.

What lies behind an admission of sorrow?

Is it used too lightly and thus devalued?  There was real discussion about this indicating just how much we like to participate.

A very worthwhile evening.

The Gift October 3rd 2019

The Gift is gradually becoming used.

We have had two sessions of children’s Liturgy

We have six tables, specially sized for the children.

The first week 27 children attended the liturgy.

Our catechists are gradually finding their way forward.

The electrical work hopefully will be completed in mid October.

We again thank all who have contributed in any way to helping us arrive at this point.

Thank You from Lepra 4th October 2019.

Lepra, the organisation that seeks to eradicate Leprosy from the human family

thank the parish of St Joseph and St Clare for the gift of £325 raised through the appeal in September 2019.

This was a great opportunity to become informed on this disease of the skin that blights the lives of so many

especially in the poorer nations.

They look forward to revisiting us in the future years.

Prayer for the Pastoral Area of St John Fisher June 2019

Prayer For Deanery of St John Fisher/ Aylesbury Mid-Bucks   20th June 2019

Father in Heaven
Pour out your Spirit
Upon the people of our Pastoral Area of St John Fisher.
Grant us eyes that can see
Ears that can hear
Minds that can understand
And hearts that know your peace
And thus, build your Kingdom
In all our undertakings
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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