Can you check your child’s First Holy Communion date and email Carolina to confirm the date if you haven’t already done so?  –

Due to a large number of children and the restrictions of movement, there will be no rehearsals this year.

We will not be able to use the children’s baptism candles this year due to the virus.

There are 8 First Holy Communion masses over 4 weekends. The first weekend 26th & 27th June. Then 3rd & 4th July. 10th & 11th July. 17th & 18th July.

All the masses are at St Clare’s Church at 1500h – please arrive at 14.45h ready for Mass to start at 1500h.

Holy Communion will be the HOST only – no chalice.

Can all the children bring their “I BELONG” book with them for their First Holy Communion Mass.

Due to COVID 19 please keep checking the web page for any updates as we wait for Government and Diocese updates.

DRESS CODE – Little boys, a nice pair of trousers and shirt and tie, or some may wish to wear a suit for their special day. It is your choice.

DRESS CODE – Little girls, white or ivory dress, they can wear a veil if that is what you would like or a nice ribbon in their hair. It is your choice. If your daughter is wearing gloves, please make sure that they are not wearing them to receive Holy Communion.

If you have any further questions please email Carolina, if she is unable to answer your questions she will forward your email to Fr John.

Fr John

June 4th,  2021

Viv Dodd Tel 07 79 01 87 347